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Entries by Bradley Burston from 10/2009

Working for Peace is a Form of Prayer

| Posted 10.07.2009 | World

The exchange of several Palestinian women prisoners for IDF soldier Gilad Shalit could signal a tectonic shift in Israeli-Palestinian peace relations.

Goldstone, Israel's Frankenstein Monster

| Posted 10.15.2009 | World

I put off reading the Goldstone report the same way I put off scheduling a colonoscopy. I now realize it was for many of the same reasons. You know it's going to be tremendously uncomfortable, you don't want to know what they're going to find, and the consequences could be life-threatening.

Dovish Jews? They Love Israel? Excommunicate Them

| Posted 10.21.2009 | World

We don't need them. They'll never see things our way, no matter what. Let them go. It's a new Israeli approach which borrows from the very worst of our aging instincts.

Soupy Sales, Rod Serling -- Prophets Who Raised a Generation

| Posted 10.28.2009 | Entertainment

This was an era when the original Mad Men ruled the collective unconscious, when a gleaming pastel future, and, by extension, a lavishly sterile present, were held up as ideals and goals.