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Entries by Bradley Burston from 04/2010

Berkeley's Israel Boycott, the Occupation's New Friend

| Posted 04.11.2010 | World

From the standpoint of advancing justice for Palestinians, the Berkeley bill for divestment is worse than useless. It feeds the portrayal of proponents of an independent Palestine as opponents of anything Israeli.

How to Tell When a Mideast Expert Is Lying

| Posted 04.13.2010 | World

Allow me to begin with a word or two about lying. Lying in the Middle East is not the same as lying other places. In the Mideast, lying is a way of...

Declare Independence. Free Israel. End the Occupation.

| Posted 04.20.2010 | World

Occupation is an ugly word. That is why people who support the idea of a Jewish state should use the term. Because, on this, Israel's 62nd independence day, the Occupation has to be identified for what it has become: Israel's worst enemy.

Ritual Terrorism: Hating Obama as a New Form of Religion

| Posted 04.26.2010 | World

This year for Lag B'Omer, professed followers of Meir Kahane have openly boasted of preparing effigies of the American president for distribution and incineration in bonfires across the country.