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Entries by Brent Budowsky from 07/2006

The Deadly Sin of Democrats and the Way to Win as the Party of Freedom.

| Posted 07.01.2006 | Huffington Post

The deadly sin of the Democratic Party is this: they keep losing, but they believe they are winning.

1776-2006: Thomas Paine and the Common Sense of It

| Posted 07.04.2006 | Huffington Post

Ben Franklin warned us that we will all hang together, or we will all hang separately. The acolytes of the supersecret state today seem to be saying we should all hang each other.

Let's Call Them the Homeless Heroes and Resolve to End It Now

| Posted 07.06.2006 | Huffington Post

The parades are over, the fireworks are stilled, the politicians have finished their July 4 rounds. Why don't we begin, here and now, the moral equiva...

Gary Cooper Does Frank Capra: Meet John Doe, American

| Posted 07.07.2006 | Huffington Post

Mr. Smith has indeed left Washington, and the American people want him back.

Saving Air America, and Building Other Media Megaphones and Money Machines That Matter

| Posted 07.10.2006 | Huffington Post

The good news is that it is true that the internet blogosphere, news sites, community groups and activists are not only the equivalent of the conserva...

Tucker Carlson Blasts Ed Murrow!

| Posted 07.11.2006 | Huffington Post

Remember that those the right attacks, are those they truly fear. Tucker's assault on Murrow is a good omen indeed.

The Most Important Investigative News Story in America: Voting Machines

| Posted 07.13.2006 | Business
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As a matter of principle and policy, should any company that owns, runs or manages the vote counting machinery be permitted to keep secret any aspect of the technology of the vote count?

War of the Worlds, Battle of the Blogosphere, The Dream Shall Never Die

| Posted 07.14.2006 | Politics
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On July 4, 1826, fifty years to the hour after the Great Declaration was signed by freedom's greatest friends, Jefferson lay dying, Adams lay dying, thinking of America, speaking of each other.

God Save Lebanon From Her Friends

| Posted 07.18.2006 | Politics
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I come from a tradition where American leaders since Harry Truman have stood for credible policies that combine our strategic and moral commitment to ...

An Answer To Professor Dershowitz' Challenge

| Posted 07.19.2006 | Politics
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Yes, it is imperative that Israel be supported in efforts to eliminate all weapons that can threaten her people; to root out and destroy terrorists wh...

Roosevelt, Reagan, Rushmore

| Posted 07.20.2006 | Entertainment
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While historians are understandably divided about Reagan, my view is that he does indeed deserve to be ranked as a truly great President.

The Stain Of Guantanamo Harms Our Troops and Helps Bin Laden

| Posted 07.21.2006 | Politics
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When I was a young law student I presented a paper about the role of Supreme Court Justice Robert Jackson in the Nuremberg trials. My mentor and pro...

To the New Media and the Blogs: The Answer To War Fever is to Elevate the Truth and Tone of Our Discussion.

| Posted 07.22.2006 | Politics
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What has happened to our democracy which was born to respect alternate opinion, engage in an honorable clash of ideas, and unite with a common purpose to promote our shared values?

Report From Washington, D.C.: Where Have You Gone, Joe DiMaggio?

| Posted 07.26.2006 | Politics
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Ladies and gentlemen, the truth is, virtually nobody in Washington is today speaking the truth, publicly, about what they believe, privately. Democra...

A Real Plan For Freedom, Democracy, Security in Lebanon and the Middle East

| Posted 07.28.2006 | Entertainment
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We must kill the terrorists; America must kill the terrorists; Israel must kill the terrorists; but we must do so in ways that do not turn the world against us.

War And Peace in the Age of the Poodle

| Posted 07.29.2006 | Politics
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If there is responsibility for the current crisis in the stained hands of the neoconservatives, there is also responsibility in the hands of those who failed to speak out.

To David Broder, Regarding Ned Lamont And His Supporters

| Posted 07.30.2006 | Politics
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The following letter was sent via private e-mail this morning to David Broder of the Washington Post, answering his column today (Sunday) about the Co...