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Entries by Brian Ross from 10/2010

Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert to Turn the Tide on the Tea Party Tehranization of America

| Posted 10.04.2010 | Politics

Thank you Jon and Stephen, and Viacom, if only for the shear delight that Sumner Redstone seems to get in using their loud, clear voices to stick it to Rupert Murdoch.

The (Other) Palm Beach Story: Feds & States Tinkering with Education Get Unplanned Results

| Posted 10.07.2010 | Education

WARNING: Severe Reality Curve! This cautionary tale may be unsuitable for the Obama Administration's Department of Education and state legislatures en...

Springerized America: How Reality & Tabloid TV Corrupts Our Politics & Media

| Posted 10.12.2010 | Media

Reality and tabloid television are a social virus that has infected the American body politic. In the 1980s, "I'm with Stupid" was a put-down. In 20...

HuffPo Movie Review: It's Kind of a Funny Story (Really Is)

| Posted 10.16.2010 | Entertainment

Lost in the slog of fright flicks, and masochist movies in 3D, comes an Oscar-worthy little gem that delivers Zach Galifianakis into the pantheon of m...

Big Brothers Are Watching You

| Posted 10.21.2010 | Politics

Orwell's "1984" was twenty-six years off target, and picked the wrong side of the capitalistic coin. The Koch brothers are Big Brother, and the millio...

Tea Party Hypocrisy: The New Taxation Without Representation

| Posted 10.23.2010 | Politics

If the right wins in the kind of blood bath that is predicted for the House in November, welcome to the United States of the Koch Brothers.

Change the Punditocracy Doesn't Want to Believe In

| Posted 10.29.2010 | Politics

The national news media and the punditocracy had its hat handed to them by President Obama in 2008 when he leveraged public opinion on the Internet to...