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Entries by BritChick Paris from 03/2012

Why I Still Obsess About My Weight

| Posted 03.05.2012 | UK Lifestyle

I was a dumpy, spotty teen and plagued by teasing at school. I had zero confidence and so a few years later at university I became anorexic.

Why Getting Angry is Just Not Good For You

| Posted 03.14.2012 | UK Lifestyle

I am half Greek and so come from a very fiery lineage. My dad had a lot of passion in him - it was mostly positive, he would laugh his head off with friends, influence clients and surround us with oodles of love. But on occasion it came out as anger - mostly about little things, an overly zealous parking attendant or a noisy neighbour - but it didn't do him any good.

Why London and Paris are a Match Made in Heaven

| Posted 03.18.2012 | Huffington Post

As for sex, no thanks please, we're British. Seriously though, it is behind closed doors and in my own personal experience a less sensual moment and more of a rumpy pumpy one. Probably a huge generalisation - I fear for all the comments - but all the best lovers have been Frenchies.

Why Being a Parent Today Is a Job in Itself

| Posted 03.30.2012 | UK Lifestyle

An iPad will never replace mum or dad reading a book before bedtime. McDonalds never as yummy as a home cooked dinner. Being told off is better than being ignored. Kids deserve more and parents need to step up and be counted. It is time to get back to the basics of what it means to be a mum or a dad.