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Entries by Bruce Feiler from 08/2009

Bible Story: Obama Awards "Moses" Presidential Medal of Freedom

| Posted 08.14.2009 | Politics

Obama is not the first president to connect the American spirit to the story of Moses: Washington compared the Revolution to the Exodus; Jefferson quoted Moses in his second inaugural.

Charlton Heston the Face of the USA? How Moses Was Chosen for the Great Seal

| Posted 08.19.2009 | Politics

The committee's report offers vivid, behind-the-scenes evidence that the founders of the United States viewed themselves as acting in the image of Moses.

Moses vs. the Death Panels: Obama Brings the Ten Commandments Into the Health Care Debate

| Posted 08.24.2009 | Politics

Despite harsh criticism that Obama is injecting religion where it doesn't belong, "bearing false witness" has a long presence in American jurisprudence, as do most of the Ten Commandments.

Which Kennedy Was Moses? John or Ted?

| Posted 08.31.2009 | Politics

Ted Kennedy was called the Moses of Health Care. This analogy was also used frequently on the death of other great American figures.