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Entries by Bruce Friedrich from 04/2011

A "Sin Tax" on Meat Would Improve Our Health and Environment

| Posted 04.03.2011 | Politics

Americans have to pay an excise, or "sin," tax on cigarettes, alcohol, and gasoline. Why shouldn't we also have to pay more to purchase foods that cause animal suffering and pollute the planet?

Yet Another Reason To Go Meatless On Earth Day -- And Every Other Day

| Posted 04.19.2011 | Green

Just in time for Earth Day, European scientists released a groundbreaking report linking meat consumption to nitrogen pollution. Nitrogen pollution? What on earth is nitrogen pollution?

The Great VegNews Photo "Controversy"

| Posted 04.21.2011 | Huffington Post

The most recent example of that old adage "with friends like this, who needs enemies" has come in the form of what I would have called a silly controversy, except that the controversy has had a measurable negative impact.