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Entries by Bruce Wilson from 06/2008

Hagee Mass-Marketed Hitler's Favorite Conspiracy Theory

| Posted 06.12.2008 | Politics

The man Lieberman had likened to Moses has profited from a product promoting one of the most notorious anti-Jewish conspiracy theories -- one of Hitler's favorite 'justifications' for the Holocaust.

Pastor Hagee Still Sells Controversial 2005 'God Sent Hitler' Sermon, Apologizes To ADL For Wrong Sermon

| Posted 06.17.2008 | Politics

Despite Pastor John Hagee's claims to the contrary, his "God sent Hitler" sermon was anything but 'historic'. It was shockingly contemporary.

Dare To Discipline: How Obama-Critic Whipped The Mini Weiner Dog Rebellion

| Posted 06.25.2008 | Politics

For James Dobson and a growing cadre of supporters, the only sane approach parents can take towards childhood rebellion is to beat it out of them. Otherwise chaos, socialism and Satan will prevail.

Joining GOP's Bold March Backwards, Bobby Jindal and Louisiana Democrats Pass "Stealth Creationism" Education Bill

| Posted 06.27.2008 | Politics

Jindal has joined the GOP in its bold march backwards towards the days of when Medieval concepts such as Geocentrism, phlogistan and the "Four Humors" held sway.