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Entries by Byron Williams from 09/2006

Oakland's Crime Problem is Part of a Disturbing Urban Trend

| Posted 09.03.2006 | Politics
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To put Oakland's current murder total into perspective, it is running reasonably ahead of New Orleans, and we don't have a Katrina to blame.

The World Must Wonder how U.S. can Tolerate Guns

| Posted 09.07.2006 | Politics
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Japan, along with a number of Western European countries have a significantly lower homicide rate than the U.S. It is not a coincidence that they also have much stricter gun laws.

Had Enough?

| Posted 09.11.2006 | Huffington Post

My liberal philosophical beliefs notwithstanding, I believe that America works best with divided government. Regardless of party, there is something...

A Protest with Very Little Merit

| Posted 09.14.2006 | Politics
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I was recently notified that a group of ministers had planned to stage a demonstration at the local CBS affiliate protesting the airing of the realit...

Economic Strain Pushes us Toward Breaking Point

| Posted 09.19.2006 | Politics
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There is something morally unethical about a country that would risk spending itself into bankruptcy to finance an unnecessary war, but will not demonstrate a similar commitment to its citizens.

What is the Real Strength of the United States?

| Posted 09.21.2006 | Politics
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How many Maher Arars are still languishing in secret prisons, tortured on a hunch, still waiting for some facsimile of due process?

Goldwater Wouldn't Recognize this Brand of Conservatism

| Posted 09.24.2006 | Politics
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Goldwater may be to conservatism what Karl Marx is to communism -- interesting ideas but never fully attempted.

Martin Luther King Jr.'s Legacy Transcends Political Labels

| Posted 09.28.2006 | Politics
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If we accept that King was a Republican, is the advertisement suggesting that King would be in lock step with today's Republicanism?