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Entries by Byron Williams from 11/2007

Easy Patriotism

| Posted 11.04.2007 | Politics

The things that made America great historically also lead us today to be insensitive to other cultures and to overestimate our abilities to influence world events.

Consumer Impulses or Economic Reality?

| Posted 11.11.2007 | Business

The combined increase in gas prices along with home heating cost this winter translate to a tightening of consumer budgets--canceling out the good economic news regarding jobs and wages.

Nothing Really Changed in Imus' Absence

| Posted 11.15.2007 | Media

Imus' return says as much about the culture as his highly publicized departure.

The Philosophical Riddle of the Maher Arar Case

| Posted 11.18.2007 | Politics

If we were a country that did not condone torture, there would be no need to send Arar to Syria to be tortured for 10 months.

Resolution for U.S. Solidarity or Ticket for War?

| Posted 11.22.2007 | Politics

Recent history has caused me to be more suspicious of the informality of resolutions that carry a potential war component as mere window dressing.

Cocaine Sentencing Long Overdue

| Posted 11.25.2007 | Politics

More than 80 percent of the defendants prosecuted for a crack offense are African-American. Ironically, more than two-thirds of crack users are white or Hispanic.

Will 2008 be a Change or Crisis election?

| Posted 11.29.2007 | Politics

As much as the presidential candidates and we talk about it, the foreseeable unknown may hamstring much of the obvious desire for change.