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Entries by Byron Williams from 12/2007

Injustice in Black Leaders' Response to Thomas Case

| Posted 12.02.2007 | Politics

The Thomas affair smacks of a clear double standard among black leadership. Sure, some called for Thomas' dismissal, but not with the same gusto as with Imus.

'Credibility Fatigue' May Linger Beyond Bush

| Posted 12.06.2007 | Politics

At least Johnson and Nixon had major domestic and international achievements, respectively, that softened the historical impact of their dishonesty. The current administration's raison d'etre and its dishonesty are intertwined.

Hiding Behind a Selective Legacy

| Posted 12.09.2007 | Politics

It doesn't matter if a Chinese national is commissioned to create the sculpture of King; like Lincoln, King belongs to the ages.

Gore Doesn't Live For What May Have Been

| Posted 12.14.2007 | Politics

Gore's post election contributions are so impressive that many of the vices, rightly or wrongly, he was saddled with in his 2000 presidential bid are now the virtues that many want in the next president.

Age Didn't Matter to Andrew Young During the Civil Rights Era

| Posted 12.16.2007 | Politics

I get nervous whenever I hear the "it's not your time to run" argument. Why are these critiques are always offered by those who already enjoy the largesse of the status quo?

N.J. Takes High Road by Banning Death Penalty

| Posted 12.20.2007 | Politics

So seldom do we witness political acts of courage that it becomes easy to miss them. That was nearly the case this week when New Jersey Governor, Joh...

Celebrities Know Best!

| Posted 12.23.2007 | Entertainment

Taking a recommendation for which cosmetic to buy or which athletic shoe to wear is not the same as picking a president.

EPA's 'Uniformity' Standard Long on Absurdity, Short on Crediblity

| Posted 12.27.2007 | Politics

The EPA's decision to deny states the right to set their own standards for automobile emissions is brazenly political. Given the choice between the interest of the nation and those of special interests, the latter once again proved to be the victor.

Bhutto's Assassination Impacts our Three-Tiered Perspective

| Posted 12.27.2007 | Politics

Bhutto's assassination ought to be a call to consider a leader who has clear view of the world and its unpredictability.