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Entries by Byron Williams from 05/2008

Race in America: A Tale of Competing Narratives

| Posted 05.01.2008 | Politics

There is no single American story. And like with the issue of race, there has always been warring factions between those with privilege and those without.

Clinton Defections Should Raise Eyebrows

| Posted 05.04.2008 | Politics

Is the string of defections merely politics as usual? Are they the residue of angry former employees? For whatever reason, sitting at the table with the Clintons is no longer as appealing as it once was.

Pandering vs. Presidential

| Posted 05.07.2008 | Politics

Maybe voters just became privy to the change that has been promised throughout Obama's campaign -- to disagree with your opponent's ideas while always affirming their humanity.

Mildred Loving--Trailblazer

| Posted 05.09.2008 | Politics

The passing of Mildred Loving along with the 41 years since her landmark case was decided reminds us that we still have yet to reach marriage equality in this society.

Fear, Change, and Power Could Morph Red and Blue into Purple

| Posted 05.15.2008 | Huffington Post

Because no one has ever won a November presidential election in May, any pre-election analysis put forth is at best speculation -- this column being n...

Debunking the Dream Ticket Theory

| Posted 05.21.2008 | Politics

Supporters of the dream ticket theory ignore Clinton's high unfavorable rating--the latest USA Today/Gallup poll has it at 45%. Has there ever been a vice presidential nominee with a negative rating that high?

Clinton Owes Obama an Apology -- Michelle Obama

| Posted 05.28.2008 | Politics
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Clinton's failure, as a mother and wife of a presidential candidate herself, to publicly acknowledge the potential ramification of her words is cause for concern.

What to Make of Scott McClellan's Revelation

| Posted 05.29.2008 | Politics

McClellan's assertions are certainly not good news for the McCain campaign, which would prefer to engage in a linear conversation about Iraq than to get bogged down in its inception.