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Entries by Byron Williams from 06/2008

Taking a Moment to Look Backwards

| Posted 06.05.2008 | Politics
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Tuesday night was a great night for America and potentially for the world. It doesn't close a book as much as it introduces a new chapter--an epilogue perhaps.

Are We the Change We've Been Searching For?

| Posted 06.06.2008 | Politics

The country does not simply need to change political parties in the White House; it needs a change of direction, which leaves the Democrats as the de facto party of change.

Time and Reality Could Change the Outcome for Same-Gender Couples in California

| Posted 06.09.2008 | Politics

In spite the public's incongruent feelings about marriage, there are a few things that supporters of same-gender marriage in California have in their favor that were not present when the initiative was on the ballot in 2000, specifically time and reality.

1963 -- The Year of Hostility and Hope

| Posted 06.12.2008 | Politics

Given our current state, it is understandable that we would remember 1968 and Vietnam. But it was 1963 when we realized that hope and hostility lived, and continue to live, in close proximity.

30 Years Later: Prop. 13 Still Alive and Kicking

| Posted 06.16.2008 | Politics

While Proposition 13 has been touted as a populist revolt against escalating property taxes that were forcing people out of their homes, commercial real estate has been a major benefactor.

One Person's Elitist is Another's Prophet

| Posted 06.18.2008 | Politics

There is an ironic tragedy in Obama's remarks in that he was the only one running for president, because of his race, who could make such comments.

A 5-4 Decision Lacks Moral Force

| Posted 06.22.2008 | Politics

How can it be that the writ of habeas corpus, which dates back to the Magna Carta in 1215, could hang by the sliver of a 5-4 decision?