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Entries by Byron Williams from 07/2008

What is Patriotism?

| Posted 07.03.2008 | Politics

Patriotism has been reduced to wearing flag lapel pins and adorning bumper stickers that read: "I Support the Troops." Where is the courage that exemplifies the spirit of 1776?

What Will it Take to Reform California's Death Penalty?

| Posted 07.06.2008 | Politics

Californians must confront how badly they want to be in the execution business. Is having a death penalty worth more than investing in the state's social and economic infrastructure?

Capitalism for the Poor, Socialism for the Wealthy

| Posted 07.18.2008 | Business

Like Fannie and Freddie, the American economy is also a hybrid of private and public participation. We are hardly a socialist society, but we are not paragons of capitalisms.

Troop-Withdrawal Advocates Gain an Important Ally

| Posted 07.24.2008 | Politics

Conventional wisdom maintains that the surge is working and that violence is down. But the underlining reasons for much of the violence in Iraq is beyond the surge's control.

Next President Needs to Follow the Constitution

| Posted 07.31.2008 | Politics

For all of the presidential rhetoric that invokes change, not much is being said about the state of the Constitution.