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Entries by Byron Williams from 10/2008

Can We Call it Something Other than a Debate?

| Posted 10.01.2008 | Politics

There is no real exchange, no one is thinking on their feet; it is a format better suited to offer campaign shibboleths than challenging the other candidate's assumptions in a cogent manner.

Palin is as Palin Does

| Posted 10.08.2008 | Huffington Post

History consistently proves the wisdom of the Founders exceeded their own comprehension and imagination. I doubt Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, o...

Jimmy Carter Should Receive the Truman Legacy Award for His Energy Positions

| Posted 10.16.2008 | Green

America eschewed Carter's clarion call for conservation, opting instead to see itself as a shining city on a hill that required no change in its energy consumption.

Prop.8 -- Irrational, Incongruous, and Illogical

| Posted 10.17.2008 | Politics

Proposition 8 is on the California ballot for the sole purpose to take away rights already granted to same-gender couples.

2008 Election Reveals What the G.O.P. Has Become

| Posted 10.22.2008 | Politics

Can someone remind me when conservatism was granted sole authority to determine who loves this country and who is un-American?

Troy Davis Case Shows why Death Penalty must be Eliminated

| Posted 10.30.2008 | Huffington Post

This marks the second time I've written about Troy Davis. Davis, who sits on Georgia's death row, has become an international celebrity and a prime e...