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Entries by Byron Williams from 11/2008

America's Seminal Moment

| Posted 11.05.2008 | Politics

Without the mishaps of the 43rd president, it is doubtful that the 44th commander-in-chief would have broken the more than two century monopoly on presidential hue.

Teen Offers Voice to New Silent Majority

| Posted 11.09.2008 | Politics

What do former president Richard Nixon and Bay Area high school student and youth filmmaker Sydney Matterson have in common? Answer: both spoke to the silent majority.

Obama's New Realignment

| Posted 11.13.2008 | Politics

The Obama machine does not require the services of the Democratic Party to fundraise or organize. It has become its own gatekeeper, providing itself with more leeway as to how it governs.

Blaming the African American Community Oversimplifies Prop 8 Results

| Posted 11.14.2008 | Politics

The real culprit responsible for Prop 8 passing is the quirky California political process that allows for a mulligan after the state Supreme Court already ruled in support of same-gender marriage.

The Civics Lesson in the Aftermath of Prop. 8

| Posted 11.19.2008 | Politics

For those wondering why the protests seem to persist after the passing of Prop. 8, from the political theorist perspective we may be witnessing a backlash to the tyranny of the majority.

Why Not Have a Truth and Reconciliation Commission?

| Posted 11.26.2008 | Politics

Without an honest assessment of how we got to this current state, we will be unable to hold our political leadership to a standard that is much above the lack of accountability we bequeathed this administration.

The "What If" in 1963 Could be Reality in 2009

| Posted 11.28.2008 | Politics
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In roughly 5 weeks Cuba will be celebrating the 50th anniversary of its revolution. After half a century, President-elect Obama will be presented with an opportunity do something different in Cuba.