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Entries by Byron Williams from 04/2009

The Duplicity of March Madness

| Posted 04.05.2009 | Entertainment

The most recent data concludes that over half of the young men we cheer and bemoan because of the havoc wreaked on our brackets will not graduate.

What's Going On?

| Posted 04.09.2009 | Politics

In the midst of the recent tragedies in Pittsburgh, Oakland, Binghamton and Silicon Valley, questions abound. Is this the result of a bad economy?

Policy Toward Cuba That Was Once Radical Is Now Logical -- My Interview With Rep. Barbara Lee

| Posted 04.12.2009 | World

Economic trade can do more to alter Cuban politics internally than anything achieved by staying the present course.

UC Professor's Views on Education Spending are actually not Black and White

| Posted 04.16.2009 | Huffington Post

Too often public education is debated on the narrow terrain of what individuals already hold true. The late University of California anthropologist J...

Teapot Tempest -- Much Ado about Historical Inaccuracies

| Posted 04.23.2009 | Politics

The "Tax Day Tea Party" used an event critical to transforming the 13 British colonies into the United States of America for their own political purposes, thus, cheapening a key point in history.