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Entries by Byron Williams from 05/2009

No Doubt that the Political Pendulum will Swing Again

| Posted 05.03.2009 | Huffington Post

Democrats could hardly control their glee, while Republicans offered the most implausible spin on the news that Pennsylvania Republican Sen. Arlen Spe...

Taking a Page from JFK

| Posted 05.10.2009 | Huffington Post

In 1963, Predident John F. Kennedy was initially leery of the proposed March on Washington. He was concerned the demonstration would place external pr...

Do We Lack the Will to Control Our Destiny?

| Posted 05.18.2009 | Politics

Those who reminisce about Reinhold Niebuhr's thinking long for a "new" Niebuhr to help us in our present day crisis.

Pentagon Attempts to Show that God Was on Our Side

| Posted 05.24.2009 | Politics

The Pentagon's biblical cover sheets are revealing because they offer the same type fundamentalist/literal biblical interpretation that has historically led to more division than inclusion.

California Supreme Court Justifies Second-Class Citizenship

| Posted 05.28.2009 | Politics

By upholding the proposition that limited marriage as something between a man and woman, while preserving the 18,000 existing marriages, there are troubling anomalies created.