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Entries by Byron Williams from 06/2009

Not all of the Financial News Is Bad

| Posted 06.04.2009 | Business

CDFIs base their success on the antiquated formula of going out and meeting their potential borrowers, assessing the potential to repay loans based on the borrowers' assets.

A Prisoner of Hope for 50 years and Still Going!

| Posted 06.07.2009 | Politics

Jack O'Dell is truly one of the unsung heroes of the Civil Rights Movement and, thus, one of America's unsung heroes.

Delaying Justice is Hardly the Best Path to Progress

| Posted 06.11.2009 | Politics

Wait is a solution seldom supported by those toiling in the pain of second-class citizenship.

Dysfunctional Family Court System may be Doing More Harm than Good

| Posted 06.14.2009 | Huffington Post

This is my Sunday column, while it specifically addresses Alameda County, chances are others may find similar experiences in their area. The family ...

California Can No Longer Kick the Can Down the Road

| Posted 06.18.2009 | Politics

Single mothers living below the poverty line do not need additional help. Libraries and school lunches are a waste of the public's resources. And low income students, you're out too. Deal with it.

Obama Must Renege on Tax Promise if We Want Universal Health Care

| Posted 06.21.2009 | Politics

By the end of 2009 I predict President Obama will sign something that will be touted as health care reform. Whether that something will be classified as universal health care is yet to be determined.

California Needs a Moratorium from Ballot Measures

| Posted 06.25.2009 | Politics

If the California budget battles were a prizefight, the past several weeks was dominated by the pre-fight hype. This week begins the main event.

GOP Rhetoric and the Difference between Q and N

| Posted 06.28.2009 | Politics

As protesters in Tehran have been met with the oppressive and brutal hand of its government, what is the proper tone that the president should strike?