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Entries by Byron Williams from 07/2009

California Deserves Better Than What Sacramento Gives

| Posted 07.02.2009 | Politics

For decades, California lawmakers have put off difficult choices, using one-time gimmicks, while claiming balanced budgets. Our state engaged in its own version of a Ponzi scheme.

Patriotism is about living the ideals of the country

| Posted 07.05.2009 | Huffington Post

This weekend marks the annual commemoration of this country's independence. The balloons, parades, fireworks, barbecues and flags can hide the fact th...

Robert McNamara and the 3.5 Miles not Taken

| Posted 07.08.2009 | Politics

While it's an oversimplification to suggest McNamara was the primary artisan of Vietnam, we cannot diminish his tragic contribution to the war.

Two-Thirds or No Two-Thirds is California's Question

| Posted 07.12.2009 | Business

Why is it too much to desire a state legislature function in the similar manner of 47 other states by embracing the radical, cutting edge notion of majority rule on budget matters?

The Sotomayor Hearings and the Elusive Mainstream

| Posted 07.16.2009 | Politics
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One of the senators expressed concern that Sotomayor's views as a potential member of the Court might be outside the mainstream. How does one become part of mainstream orthodoxy?

Aspects of Proposition 13 Simply Must Be Reformed to Save California

| Posted 07.19.2009 | Business
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Prop. 13 in its present form is one of the major impediments to the state finding answers to its seemingly intractable financial problems.

State Budget Deal Demonstrates California's Dysfunction

| Posted 07.23.2009 | Politics

The final budget could result in fewer welfare checks dispersed, state workers continuing to take unpaid days off and new drilling for oil would be permitted off the Santa Barbara coast.

Debate on Health Care Is More About Politics Than Policy

| Posted 07.26.2009 | Politics

Why have presidential administrations dating back to 1935 offered the Utopian dream of affordable health care for every man, woman, and child only to have those efforts thwarted by the opposition?

The Gates Affair: Was it Racism or Rankism?

| Posted 07.30.2009 | Politics
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While much of the conversation around Prof. Gates' arrest has centered on race, we might also examine the role "rankism" plays into this conundrum.