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Entries by Byron Williams from 08/2009

Carter Still Standing Against Injustice

| Posted 08.02.2009 | Politics

Carter added to his distinguished legacy by making a difficult personal decision. After more than 60 years, Carter broke the ties he formed with the Southern Baptist Convention.

North Korea, Bill Clinton, and Jesse Jackson

| Posted 08.09.2009 | Politics

Bill Clinton, by securing the freedom of two jailed American journalists, has assumed the role of the nation's top private diplomat, a distinction once held by the Rev. Jesse Jackson.

Protests Are Many Things, But Not Un-American

| Posted 08.16.2009 | Politics

Pelosi, along with Steny Hoyer, questioned the patriotism of those who disrupted the town-hall meetings on health care. I certainly understand Pelosi's frustration, but is it un-American?

Another Reason for a Truth Commission

| Posted 08.23.2009 | Politics

Don't the families of the victims of Iraq and the war on terror, and the nation as a whole, deserve a collective truth for the worst foreign policy blunder in our history?

This Will be a Difficult Seat to Fill

| Posted 08.27.2009 | Politics

For the first time since 1952, it is possible someone whose last name is other than Kennedy will hold that Senate seat from Massachusetts.

Facts Left the Health Care Debate Long Ago, Emotion Is the Driver Now!

| Posted 08.30.2009 | Politics

Accusations of communism or socialism in health care reform are simply a shorter way to say: "We don't have an intellectual leg to stand on in this debate."