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Entries by Byron Williams from 10/2009

Gavin Newsom and Meg Whitman Should Hope to Face Each Other

| Posted 10.01.2009 | Politics

The infractions of Whitman and Newsom are so fundamental in nature that they challenge the very rationale for their candidacy. Words that come to mind are arrogance, selfish, self-centered.

GOP Must Disavow the Nut Jobs

| Posted 10.04.2009 | Politics

It'd be funny, were it not so tragic, to watch individuals who couldn't distinguish between the Constitution, the Federalist Papers, and Green Eggs and Ham lamenting the intent of the Founders at "tea parties."

Little Support for Uncomfortable Remedies for California Budget Woes

| Posted 10.08.2009 | Politics

With its constitutionally-mandated spending of 60 percent of the state's General Fund, lawmakers in California fight over the remaining 40 percent using a diminishing set of gimmicks to tout a budget deal.

The Making of a Quagmire

| Posted 10.11.2009 | Politics

A word of caution to the president: The distance between being a Nobel Peace Prize recipient and perilously stuck in a quagmire is a nebulous one. There are no signs posted to inform you when you've arrived at the quagmire.

Dr. Robert Scott's Legacy Will Be Impossible to Fill

| Posted 10.15.2009 | Politics

Last week, Oakland, the Bay Area and the world lost a giant of man with the passing of Dr. Robert Scott. Scott was an humanitarian of the highest order.

Mormon Paradox

| Posted 10.18.2009 | Politics

Equating the 1960s struggle for justice with the plight of a vocal proponent of injustice is offensive. The Mormon church spent millions to ensure that some California families are granted second-class citizenship.

Moral Certainty Leads to Change of Venue

| Posted 10.22.2009 | Politics

The few seconds of grainy footage that show Oscar Grant being fatally shot at the Fruitvale BART station in Oakland were all the evidence required for many protesters to become morally certain.

Constitutional Rights Despite "Disdain"

| Posted 10.25.2009 | Politics

One caller admitted his "disdain" for the gay community. An interesting word choice that raises a far more interesting question: can one have disdain for a people and still support their constitutional rights?

Richmond High Rape--What Do We Do With This?

| Posted 10.29.2009 | Healthy Living

Onlookers used their cell phones to take photos of the spectacle in Richmond, Calif., rather than use them to call police. When did rape become a spectator sport?