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Entries by Cameron Sinclair from 07/2010

'The Decision' - What Obama Can Learn From LeBron

| Posted 07.09.2010 | Green

Last week the Obama administration awarded over $2B for solar plants. However, when looking at his own home, Barack Obama is not really practicing what he preaches.

Haiti Rebuild: How BP Can Drill Back Respect and Save Lives

| Posted 07.10.2010 | Impact

In the information age the oil spill has drowned Haiti out of the news cycle. It is time for BP to make amends and win back the respect of the global community. They can do it with an eight-word press release: "BP will build every water well in Haiti."

Haiti Rebuild: The Last Responders

| Posted 07.12.2010 | Impact

Today we will hear from many Monday morning quarterbacks over what should have happened and what we should do for Haiti. In fact, expect a whole stadium full of them -- none of whom have spent a night there this year.

Haiti Rebuild: Local Ts, Local Jobs

| Posted 07.29.2010 | Impact

Why can't volunteer groups and NGOs in Haiti source t-shirts in the country and help stimulate the local economy?