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Entries by Cari Shane from 03/2010

Cheating 101 (Part I)

| Posted 03.04.2010 | College

Kids cheating on tests, papers and projects to increase their grades is nothing new; however, what is new is society's reaction to such behavior.

Cheating SAT-style (Part II)

| Posted 03.14.2010 | Healthy Living

With security measures put in place by the Educational Testing Service, there's very little cheating on the SAT -- 99-percent of the students who take the test follow the rules.

Cheating 201 (Part III)

| Posted 03.25.2010 | Healthy Living

In the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) culture, teachers whose students perform poorly on tests can be fired for not meeting NCLB goals so there is little incentive, other than personal integrity, for teachers to report cheating.