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Entries by Carl Pope from 08/2008

McCain the Elder

| Posted 08.04.2008 | Politics

In spite of a huge crisis facing low-income families this winter from the soaring price of heating oil, the Republican Senate leadership even held up approval of financial assistance for these folks.

John McCain's Greatest Misses

| Posted 08.05.2008 | Politics

It's hard to understand how McCain can pretend that he is doing anything other than chasing the polls -- and the oil and nuclear industry's increasingly abundant lubrication of his campaign.

Brigham Young Would Be Proud

| Posted 08.07.2008 | Green

Unless we lower demand, the price for oil is going up over the next seven years, not down. There is, after all, considerable evidence that when the oil industry speaks, the Bush administration listens.

Auguries, Magic Spells, and Some Early Returns

| Posted 08.10.2008 | Politics

Johnson City, TN --This year's campaign is beginning to resemble the last days of the Roman Republic. During the past week, rightwing politicians who ...

The Interior Secretary with His Pants Down

| Posted 08.11.2008 | Green

The Bush administration has sent a clear signal that the administration will spend the rest of its days razing the rules and regulations of the Endangered Species Act left standing.

When I Use a Word, it Means Just What I Choose it to Mean...

| Posted 08.14.2008 | Politics

Bush has proposed to nullify the Endangered Species Act by drafting a rule specifying that new federal project, which in the real world threaten species habitat, "by definition" do not count as a threat under the Act.

"Let Them Fry" -- The Southern Company

| Posted 08.18.2008 | Green

For decades, the Southern Company has run roughshod over the health and welfare of its customers with uncontrolled, dirty, coal-fired power plants.

Reversing Churchill's Blunder

| Posted 08.20.2008 | Green

It's getting hard to follow the proposals for a clean energy future without a scorecard, so here's my summary of the big ideas I've heard brought to the table.

The Economy Is Energy, Stupid

| Posted 08.25.2008 | Green

My job this week: See if it's possible to get this convention to raise the bar and roll over the media's efforts to trivialize the issues in this year's campaign.

Getting Ready to Govern

| Posted 08.27.2008 | Politics

What is happening around this Convention -- to a degree unique in my experience -- is that the Democrats are getting ready to govern next January.

By Acclamation

| Posted 08.28.2008 | Huffington Post

Denver -- Last night when Hillary Clinton moved to make the nomination of Barack Obama unanimous, it was clear (as it was when she made her speech the...

'America, We Cannot Turn Back. Not with So Much Work to Be Done.'

| Posted 08.29.2008 | Politics

Last night was a reminder of just how much has changed in the past eight years. Obama himself devoted more time to the environment in one speech than the entire 2000 or 2004 campaigns saw.