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Entries by Carl Pope from 07/2009

Wild America Creeps Back

| Posted 07.02.2009 | Green

For eight years under George Bush, America's wilderness faced a systematic assault from the federal government.

A Threefold Strategy for Carbon Reduction

| Posted 07.06.2009 | Green

The belief that a price signal on fuel purchases alone will fix our energy sector is simply unfounded. We need a strategic combination of technology, policy, and pricing to solve our energy dilemma and start curbing the climate crisis.

About That Nuclear Revival...

| Posted 07.09.2009 | Green

Unsatisfied by a set of federal loan guarantees, subsidies, and other trinkets and baubles that would make the greediest gold digger blush, the nuclear complex is demanding still more.

Cleaning Up After Clementine

| Posted 07.15.2009 | Green

Mining's had a century-and-a-half exemption from having to keep up with environmental standards. Now Interior Secretary Salazar has announced that he wants reform.

United We Stand; Divided We're Falling

| Posted 07.15.2009 | Green

We are one nation. But not when it comes to energy policy. What we need is a national electric-vehicle infrastructure.

The Fierce Urgency of Never

| Posted 07.20.2009 | Green

Barack Obama apparently got it wrong. It's "never" rather than "now" that stirs the human soul.

Business as Radical, Not Business as Usual

| Posted 07.22.2009 | Green

Since I was in India 18 months ago, a burgeoning youth climate movement has arrived on the scene.

We Can Work It Out

| Posted 07.27.2009 | Green

Both India and the U.S. could point fingers at each other for failing to enforce their environmental laws. But if we got serious about doing good things -- together -- then we'd have a true collaboration instead of negotiating about who's to blame.

Gandhi Would Be Proud -- But Puzzled

| Posted 07.31.2009 | Green

Three generations of Gandhi-inspired environmental activists are on the stage. They haven't forgotten his emphasis on empowering local people and developing India from the bottom up.