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Entries by Carl Pope from 10/2009

Come Back, Salmon

| Posted 10.01.2009 | Green

In a huge victory for America's fisheries and rivers, a broad spectrum of environmentalists, utilities, farmers, Native American nations, fishermen, and public agencies agreed to restore 300 miles of salmon grounds.

Oh, So the "P" Stand For Protection -- I'd Forgotten

| Posted 10.02.2009 | Green

EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson followed the "no more secrecy" principal by naming the most egregious chemicals of concern. Unless you are very unusual, these are already in your body.

Nukes Mess With Texas

| Posted 10.08.2009 | Green

Dallas billionaire Harold Simmons wants to make Texas the dumping ground for as much of America's nuclear waste as he can.

Who's Got a Scorecard?

| Posted 10.13.2009 | Green

Will the Senate really kill climate legislation if, at the end of the day, the typical state is treated as "average"? My gut tells me that the odds of getting something good done just got better.

Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire!

| Posted 10.15.2009 | Green

Don't even get me started on the issue of the pollution that results from mining coal, or the problems that stem from its mercury and carbon dioxide pollution.

Old or New Dominion?

| Posted 10.20.2009 | Green

One reason the climate issue has surfaced from the Democratic side in Virginia is that Millennial voters are seen as critical if Deeds is to carry the state -- and young voters care more about climate than any other demographic.

Walking Down the Avenue

| Posted 10.23.2009 | Green

While we should applaud the Administration for doing what the law and common sense require to protect the polar bear, we mustn't lose sight of the larger remaining challenges.

The River's Going to Do...

| Posted 10.26.2009 | Green

The intriguing thing about a conference chock full of present and former officers from the Army Corps of Engineers is that you get all the data you ne...

Stop the Hand-Wringing -- 20% Is Not Hard

| Posted 10.29.2009 | Green

It appears that those who complain that a 20 percent carbon emissions reduction is too ambitious haven't been tracking our progress for the past three years.