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Entries by Carl Pope from 02/2010

Between the Idea and the Reality Falls the Shadow

| Posted 02.02.2010 | Green

I'm not certain what T. S. Eliot meant by these lines in his poem "The Hollow Men":      Between the idea   &n...

The End of the Corporate Zombie?

| Posted 02.03.2010 | Politics

Corporations are a mechanism for people to cooperate -- not independent persons of their own. Their rights come from us, the citizens of the United States, and they should not be able to lord it over us as if they were citizens.

Governing the World Together

| Posted 02.06.2010 | Green

The most symbolic moment here at the Delhi Sustainable Development Summit, the first major global follow-up to Copenhagen, was a hug.

Relying on Brain Power Instead of Carbon Power

| Posted 02.10.2010 | Green

India almost has to follow a different path -- relying on the resource between our ears instead of the kind we can we dig from under our feet -- because that's the only resource available in sufficient quantity.

Back Again: The Assault on Science

| Posted 02.12.2010 | Green

San Francisco -- The assault on science, which seemed to have been rebuffed by the Obama victory in the 2008 election, is back in full force. This wee...

The Triage Begins

| Posted 02.16.2010 | Green

The last remaining healthy salmon run in California -- the Sacramento River chinook -- has taken a catastrophic turn for the worse. Scientists had expected at least three times as many returning fish.

Could We Lock in the Past?

| Posted 02.18.2010 | Green

Public vigilance will be needed if we don't want uneconomical upgrades of coal-fired clunkers and ratepayer or taxpayer guarantees of nuclear boondoggles to stall out an innovative, competitive, and clean energy future.

But What Does the Panther Think?

| Posted 02.19.2010 | Green

Florida's state animal is in real danger of joining California's -- the California grizzly -- as an emblem of extinction.

Stopping the Red Green Slime Monster

| Posted 02.22.2010 | Green

As the K. brevis mats bloom and spread, they emit a potent neurotoxin that kills fish and marine mammals. The agribusiness industry and other polluters fought hard to prevent any action against its spread in Florida.

What the Olympics Can Teach Us About the Price of Gas

| Posted 02.23.2010 | Green

We are wasting huge quantities of the cleanest fossil fuel -- natural gas -- and what will be the world's scarcest natural resource -- clean water -- to produce very expensive gasoline from tar sands.