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Entries by Carol Hoenig from 03/2007

Arthur Kent is Back

| Posted 03.05.2007 | Politics
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He has just launched a new Web site that will feature a series of exclusive filmed reports. If you're looking for fluff, you won't find it here.

But What About Our Sisters Across the Globe?

| Posted 03.12.2007 | Healthy Living
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March is Women's History Month, a time when we look back to see how far we have come. But, what about our sisters across the globe?

Votes for the Morality Police

| Posted 03.15.2007 | Huffington Post

Somewhere along the campaign trail over the past few years, politicians are being asked to define the moral code for the rest of the country. Maybe i...

A Feminist's Transformation

| Posted 03.18.2007 | Healthy Living
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There's a risk in having children, other than the obvious, and even though Rebecca Walker, author of Baby Love, is a relatively new mother, she's weighing heavily on the topic.

And Agassi Scores!

| Posted 03.29.2007 | Politics
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Within the last few weeks, I've spoken on some panels regarding writing and the world of publishing. Invariably, there was always someone in the audie...

The Poison Spreads While Rove Be Bops

| Posted 03.30.2007 | Politics
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This past week, on independent journalist Arthur Kent's new Web site, we've been given an up close and personal view of much of what's going on in Afg...