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Entries by Cat Weaver from 09/2010

Rob Pruitt: Pattern and Degradation - Gavin Brown's Enterprise & Maccarone Gallery 9/11-10/23

| Posted 09.16.2010 | Arts

Well, it's all there. Pandas: check. Pandas everywhere: check. More pandas: check. Pop and art historical references: check.

Art Noir: Black Lists and Speculators

| Posted 09.17.2010 | Arts

When a big name collector "offloads" the art of a specific artist from his collection, it can have a chilling effect on the market for that artist's work.

Alex Prager: Where We Went From There

| Posted 09.25.2010 | Arts

As art has grown ever more referential and every medium, self-referential -- when there is nary an image that does not lay claim to a legacy of irony that is now generations deep: well: what can possibly come next? Answer: Alex Prager.