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Entries by Cenk Uygur from 02/2008

It's Got to be Obama

| Posted 02.05.2008 | Politics

At this late juncture, are we really going to turn back to the establishment? Are we going to hand the reigns of power back to the people we already k...

Is It Okay to Hate a Politician?

| Posted 02.08.2008 | Politics

Romney is a guy who would say anything to get elected because he has no inner core. But we're the bad guys if we point out how absolutely craven he is?

Defending David Shuster

| Posted 02.11.2008 | Media

Shuster was acting in the role of a talk show host. Talk show hosts are not news people, they give their opinions and are often wrong and misguided. The problem is MSNBC doesn't know which universe it's in.

Are We Really Going to Have Two Candidates That Voted for the Iraq War?

| Posted 02.14.2008 | Politics

I don't think Hillary Clinton is establishment because her last name is Clinton. I think she's establishment because she never shed the idea that the Republican framing on national security is right.

Is Cooperating with the Government Always a Good Thing?

| Posted 02.18.2008 | Politics

In Bush's mind, cooperation with the government is always a good thing, so we have to make sure we encourage that. But what if cooperation with the government was a bad thing?

AP Should Start Reporting the Real Delegate Count

| Posted 02.20.2008 | Media

Giving an account of the race with the super delegates counted in as if they have already voted is very misleading.

NY Times Holds Stories Because They're Afraid of Conservatives

| Posted 02.21.2008 | Media

The only thing worse than being bullied by Republicans is getting scooped by your competitors. The story here isn't that the Times is trying to hurt conservatives, it's the exact opposite.

What Hillary Should Have Done

| Posted 02.25.2008 | Politics

If you're going to play dirty, you have to play it just right. Any misstep and you're going to turn everyone off. And that's exactly what it looks Clinton has done now.

Why McCain and I Should be Allowed to be President

| Posted 02.28.2008 | Politics

John McCain says he wants judges who won't legislate from the bench. He wants them to apply the letter of the law. Well, there you have it -- the end of John McCain's candidacy.