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Entries by Cenk Uygur from 09/2010

Unilateral Disarmament Has Destroyed the Democrats

| Posted 09.02.2010 | Politics

The president has fallen and he can't get up. But more importantly, he can't figure out why he fell. It's because you let the Republicans push you down and you never even fought back.

Why Rahm Was 100% Wrong

| Posted 09.10.2010 | Politics

Rahm was supposed to be some sort of political genius. But it has turned out to be the exact opposite. He blew it. He had no idea what he was talking about and it looks like his party is about to lose a massive amount of seats.

How the Rich Conduct Class Warfare

| Posted 09.15.2010 | Politics

The poor are growing, the middle class is shrinking and the rich are getting even richer. This is how you build a Third World country. So, the next time you hear about class warfare, understand which direction it's going in.

Why Does Barack Obama Love the Establishment So Much?

| Posted 09.22.2010 | Politics

Why did the guy who promised to change the whole system bring in the guys who are most wedded to the system? Why does Barack Obama love the establishment so much?

Obama Scapegoats His Own Voters

| Posted 09.29.2010 | Politics

Scapegoating the professional left might send the DC crowd into orgasmic seizures, but what does it do to win the country over? What does it do about unemployment?