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Entries by Charles Karel Bouley from 02/2009

Listen to We, the People, Not They, the Obstructionists

| Posted 02.05.2009 | Politics

Republicans and their war bankrupted us and put us in harm's way. Now those same Republicans are helping Rush Limbaugh get his wish by making Obama and America fail.

Create Your Own Green Job

| Posted 02.10.2009 | Green

Barack asked all of us. Your turn. I found solutions. Maybe they're not for you, but find your own. They're out there. Don't wait for a bail out or a government program or hand. Take the lead.

Continental Crash Highlights Miracle of United Flight 1549

| Posted 02.16.2009 | Healthy Living

The reality of plane crashes came, well, crashing home and suddenly Sully and his crew from the Miracle on the Hudson seemed even more...lucky, skilled, lucky, miraculous.

Dear President Obama: Please Don't Pretend

| Posted 02.19.2009 | Politics

I've thought a lot about if and when I get my 10 minutes with President Obama, what will I ask, what would I cover? There's so much to go over, so many wrongs that need immediate right-ing.

Tomlin: Classically Funny, Always OUTspoken

| Posted 02.25.2009 | Entertainment

Lily Tomlin does not wear the "comic legend" moniker easily; probably because she doesn't have time to reflect on four decades as a strong, out female in the male dominated world of stand-up comedy.

Don't Fear Change: A Gig's a Gig

| Posted 02.27.2009 | Healthy Living

An Open Letter to Mark Denis, who left the planet years ago but whose spirit still lives. Dear Mark (No, I know it's not your real name exactly): I'...