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Entries by Charles Warner from 05/2010

Mainstream Media Managers: Predictably Irrational

| Posted 05.07.2010 | Media

Radio and TV station and broadcast group executives today are virtually unemployable because they have no idea how to compete in the disruptive internet age in which inventory is not scarce, attention is. The Future of Mobile News

| Posted 05.13.2010 | Media

While is fulfilling the mobile video news dreams of its consumers, Time is making promises to advertisers, not to its readers.

Facebook's Greed

| Posted 05.19.2010 | Technology

More money for Facebook equals less privacy for its members. When Zuckerberg had a mission of connecting people, privacy was virtually sacrosanct, but when greed crept in, it looks like priorities, missions, and ethics became compromised.

FCC Reviews Buggy Whip Rules

| Posted 05.27.2010 | Media

The FCC's decision to review its rules on how many radio and TV stations a company can own in a single market came five days after Google announced the introduction of Google TV.