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Entries by Chez Pazienza from 01/2010


| Posted 01.11.2010 | Media

Leno's torturous prime time hour was dirt cheap to produce so in the end it was all profit, even if no one was watching -- they may as well have put an ATM in Leno's parking spot.

NBC and Zucker: The Downward Spiral

| Posted 01.13.2010 | Media

The wreckage piled around Jeff Zucker is simply too deep to ignore. NBC is now in ruins, and it happened under his watch and because of his actions.

If NBC Meltdown Is Just a "Soap Opera," Who's the Director?

| Posted 01.17.2010 | Media

Zucker blames the public for stopping to gawk at the trainwreck while refusing to acknowledge that there is a trainwreck and that he caused it; it would be like shooting someone then blaming that person for getting blood on your carpet.

The Conan Connection

| Posted 01.18.2010 | Media

A lot of people do care what happens to Conan; he wouldn't be getting paid all that money if they didn't. In our culture, we care about movie and TV stars, which is exactly why they're rich.

Turnabout is Fair Prey

| Posted 01.26.2010 | Media

Lawyers for both Nancy Grace filed an emergency motion in a Florida courtroom demanding that cameras be barred from recording Grace's scheduled deposition in a wrongful death suit brought against her.