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Entries by Chris Guillebeau from 06/2010

Strategy vs. Tactics

| Posted 06.01.2010 | Business

Changing the world is more important than having a tricked-out website. You can have the best website in the world, but if you don't have a clear vision, no one will care.

Enjoying the Moment

| Posted 06.04.2010 | Healthy Living

Appreciating life is generally more of an internal decision instead of a response to external circumstances.

Get Excited and Change Things

| Posted 06.08.2010 | Healthy Living

The thing about change is that when it gets too personal, most of us don't actually like it. It's easier to work on change in small doses. How can we take one tiny step towards something new?

How to Be a Motivational Speaker

| Posted 06.11.2010 | Healthy Living

Some "motivational speakers" try to manufacture motivation, and this doesn't usually work. The better way is to introduce your passion to the world around you instead.

High Points, Low Points, and the Perfect Trip

| Posted 06.21.2010 | World

Greetings from the open road. I'm in what I call real Africa all week, having fun exploring two new countries.

Good Writing Tips

| Posted 06.22.2010 | Arts

The most important tip of all -- to be a writer, start writing. But for all of you overachievers out there, here are some other ideas that may help.


| Posted 06.29.2010 | Healthy Living

When saying goodbye to a person or place, some think it's best to leave things unsaid, or walk away without reflection. I've learned that this is usually a mistake, at least for me.