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Entries by Chris Kelly from 08/2008

John McCain Makes Bob Dole Look Like Bobby Kennedy

| Posted 08.02.2008 | Politics

It's been pretty hard to keep up with negative McCain ads this week. They're like suicide bombings. You're reading about one and then you hear about another and you think, wait, is this the same one with a different body count, or something new?

Anthrax Suspect Had Ties to French Communist: FBI

| Posted 08.07.2008 | Politics

Your FBI collected, as evidence, a book in which a character is reading a book in which a character is on trial, but it's not clear why.

I Want Condi

| Posted 08.13.2008 | Politics

Rice's field of expertise is the Soviet Union. Ask anyone at the Hoover Institute. She's written books on the Soviets, a dissertation even! She speaks Russian. She has impeccable credentials -- for a top slot in the Ford administration.

The McCaine Mutiny

| Posted 08.25.2008 | Politics

McCain says that one of his "life's ambitions is to meet Herman Wouk." Which doesn't sound all that challenging, as goals go. The author of The Winds of War is 93. McCain could probably catch him.