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Entries by Chris Kelly from 05/2009

Empathy for the Devil

| Posted 05.06.2009 | Politics

Last week, Obama said he wanted to replace Justice Souter with another judge who feels empathy, and since then our friends in the crankosphere have been arguing that empathy is bad. I can't imagine how it feels to be against empathy.

Meg Whitman Week -- Monday: Meg Actually Gives an Interview

| Posted 05.11.2009 | Politics

Meg Whitman has spent her life in fairly high profile business positions. There's evidence that she's spoken to groups. So why is she only engaging in interviews that are the journalistic version of pity sex?

Meg Whitman Week -- Tuesday: The Gay Thing

| Posted 05.12.2009 | Politics

Why did a smart cookie like Meg Whitman choose to make the first political opinion of her life something so tortured we probably do it to detainees?

Meg Whitman Week -- Wednesday: A Tawdry Episode

| Posted 05.13.2009 | Politics

Meg Whitman earned her money herself. All $1.4 billion of it. It came from perseverance, patience and long hard honest work. Except for the $1.78 million from Goldman Sachs. Which she stole.

Meg Whitman Week -- Thursday: God and Meg at UCLA

| Posted 05.14.2009 | Politics

Meg Whitman isn't a bigot. Because bigotry is almost a political position. Meg Whitman is running for governor because she thinks billionaires have to obey far too many laws. Gay marriage is a sideshow.

Meg Whitman Week -- Friday: Share the Wealth

| Posted 05.15.2009 | Politics

Don't think of Meg Whitman as a malevolent cipher on a midlife ego trip. Think of her as a stimulus package. For the advertising and consulting industries. There are crazier things she could do.

I Knew Pussy Galore. Pussy Galore Was a Friend of Mine. And You, Nancy Pelosi, Are No Pussy Galore

| Posted 05.24.2009 | Politics

If Michael Steele is giving the Republicans a "hip-hop makeover" why are they still getting their slams from the swinging sixties?