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Entries by Chris Weigant from 07/2006

A New Direction For America? (Part 2)

| Posted 07.02.2006 | Politics
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The six bullet points in the new Democratic campaign strategy document lack oomph. They lack media buzz. They lack backbone.

The Plastic Loan Shark In Your Wallet

| Posted 07.12.2006 | Business
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How many voters in Red State America would consider electing a Democrat if it meant the cost of their credit cards would go down?

Rape And Murder Should Not Be A Cartoon

| Posted 07.20.2006 | Politics
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The animation starts by showing a little cartoon house. A cartoon soldier hustles three cartoon Iraqis into a back room. His little cartoon gun goes off and the Iraqis immediately become dead cartoon bodies.

Take Jimmy Carter's Advice On The Primary Calendar

| Posted 07.26.2006 | Politics
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It shouldn't surprise anyone to hear that the Democrats could have made a bold visionary change, but instead decided to tinker around the edges of a problem.