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Entries by Chris Weigant from 05/2007

Fresh Lies From Our Government

| Posted 05.02.2007 | Politics
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Much like the early Christians, apparently there's an American "anti-commie" holiday on May 1st which I was previously unaware of.

Enough Is Enough: Federalize Elections

| Posted 05.09.2007 | Politics
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The federal government must take control of the election process for the presidential elections, including the primaries.

A Political Light At The End Of The Iraqi Tunnel?

| Posted 05.16.2007 | Politics
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America's involvement in the Iraq war will not end until enough congressional Republicans feel enough pressure from their own constituents to break with the White House.

Baltimore Considering Becoming A Police State

| Posted 05.17.2007 | Politics
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The Fourth Amendment to the Constitution: The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable sea...

How To Impeach Gonzales... And Maybe A Few Others

| Posted 05.21.2007 | Politics
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To paraphrase Mark Antony: "Friends, Americans, countrymen, lend me your web-surfing eyes. I come to bury Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, not to p...

Presidential Campaign Free-For-All

| Posted 05.23.2007 | Politics
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Wouldn't it be fun to have real national party conventions next year - instead of wasting four days of America's time to certify an already-foregone conclusion?

Optimism About Ending The Iraq War

| Posted 05.25.2007 | Politics
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Some are saying that "nothing will be different in September," but I beg to diffe This is where the love affair between the GOP and Bush will not just have "grown old," but be completely over.

Gay Marriage And Polygamy

| Posted 05.30.2007 | Politics
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Do you support the concept of gay marriage? That used to be an unimaginable question. Not "unimaginable" in a negative sense, but "unimaginable" in t...