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Entries by Chris Weigant from 11/2007

Friday Talking Points [Vol. 8]

| Posted 11.02.2007 | Politics

Since this column has not been afraid to coin new terms, I submit for the blogosphere's approval the Bush Doublethink Corollary to Godwin's Law: "Stat...

What Will Be The Big Issue A Year And A Day From Now?

| Posted 11.05.2007 | Politics

The only thing that really seems a safe bet from this far out is that an enormous majority of the American public will be breathing a sigh of relief that Bush's reign will be coming to an end.

Open Letter To Feinstein And Schumer

| Posted 11.07.2007 | Politics

To Senators Dianne Feinstein and Charles Schumer;   When, in the future, you retire from the Senate and sit down to write your memoirs, I predict...

Friday Talking Points [Vol. 9]

| Posted 11.09.2007 | Politics

It's been a week of ups and downs for Democrats. Mostly downs. While congressional Democrats still have yet to pass a single budget bill, they did fi...

Ministry Of Truth Helpfully Redefines Privacy

| Posted 11.12.2007 | Politics

The new meaning of the word "privacy" will now be (according to MiniTru): "the secure feeling citizens get by knowing that their government is collecting and protecting their personal data."

The Democratic Candidate Campaign Speech Series

| Posted 11.14.2007 | Politics

Nobody else -- nobody in the entire universe of media requests -- is asking for speech transcripts of presidential candidates. This should be a signal that the mainstream media is not even interested in what the actual candidates have to say.

The Dollar-Fifty-Six Euro

| Posted 11.28.2007 | Business

The real worry is that other countries will decide the dollar is a bad bet altogether, and either stop buying them or dump all their dollar reserves on the open market to exchange them for something more stable... like Euros.

Friday Talking Points [Vol. 10]

| Posted 11.30.2007 | Politics

Welcome back to the weekly roundup of the good, the bad, and the ugly, and (as always) my humble suggestions of things Democrats should say in media i...