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Entries by Chris Weigant from 12/2007

Which New Voters Will Actually Show Up To Vote?

| Posted 12.03.2007 | Politics

The demographic that starts to feel "I'm a part of something that is going to change this country, and I'm proud to go vote" may be the key to victory for one of the Democratic candidates.

No Budget? No Paycheck.

| Posted 12.05.2007 | Politics

President Bush has been proven wrong in some big and spectacular ways this week. But while he continues to channel his foreign policy advice from Plu...

Friday Talking Points [Vol. 11]

| Posted 12.07.2007 | Politics

It's been a week of circular logic from the political world. To begin with, Mitt Romney gave a speech on religion. This speech was brilliantly summed...

Church And State Revisited: The Story Of Smoot

| Posted 12.10.2007 | Politics

Much ink was spilled over Mitt Romney's speech last week about his Mormon faith. Very little attention was paid to America's dark history of anti-Mormonism.

No Joke: Politics In The Era Of Late Night Reruns

| Posted 12.12.2007 | Politics

It seems to me that the bump in Bush's popularity began right around the time the television writers decided to strike.

Friday Talking Points [Vol. 12]

| Posted 12.14.2007 | Politics

The whole Obama flap over cocaine (fueled by the Clinton camp) needs to get shot down right away, before any Republicans consider using it to attack Obama. And it's so pathetically easy to shoot this one down.

Predictions For 2008

| Posted 12.17.2007 | Politics

A reader recently took me to task for an article I wrote a month ago -- "What Will Be The Big Issue A Year And A Day From Now?" His complaint was tha...

Democrats Cave On SCHIP

| Posted 12.19.2007 | Politics

The news just broke that Dems have completely and utterly caved on the State Children's Health Insurance Program bill.

My "McLaughlin Awards" For 2007 [Part 1]

| Posted 12.21.2007 | Politics

For those of you who have been reading this column long enough, you may remember a fun set of columns (Part 1 and Part 2) I wrote last year, giving my...

Why Christmas Is Not On The Solstice

| Posted 12.24.2007 | Politics

When is Christmas? And why? These are questions guaranteed to get you funny looks when you pop them, especially in a gathering of wassail-soaked rela...

My "McLaughlin Awards" For 2007 [Part 2]

| Posted 12.28.2007 | Politics

OK, here we go with Part 2 of my annual McLaughlin Awards. Last week's column covered the first half of these awards. Unfortunately (as of this writi...