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Entries by Chris Weigant from 02/2008

Friday Talking Points [17]

| Posted 02.01.2008 | Politics

This column is dedicated to the idea that Democrats can learn to use talking points as effectively as Republicans often do. This idea annoys many who...

My Super Duper Tsunami Tuesday Primary Picks

| Posted 02.04.2008 | Politics

Between Obama and Clinton, it's going to be a virtual tie. Both campaigns will immediately release spin on why they are now the frontrunner, and why the other should politely drop out of the race.

Why Californians Should Vote No On Proposition 93

| Posted 02.05.2008 | Politics

If you could spend $50 million of someone else's money to save your job, would you? I suspect most people would answer "yes" to that. Actually, that'...

How Obama Could Wrap It Up

| Posted 02.07.2008 | Politics

I think the Clinton camp already has reams of spreadsheets showing exactly how many votes in which states are added for each possible VP nominee.

Friday Talking Points [18]

| Posted 02.08.2008 | Politics

I'm going to start off with a quick piece of advice for both Democratic campaigns (or perhaps for Howard Dean) -- spend the next few weeks taping ever...

Michigan And Florida Need A Mulligan

| Posted 02.11.2008 | Politics

Mulligan -- (noun)  A golf shot not tallied against the score, granted in informal play after a poor shot especially from the tee. This is ...

Guest Column: How Hillary Could Win Fair (And Lock Up The General Election, Too!)

| Posted 02.13.2008 | Politics

Hillary and Bill, who are masters at brokering political deals, can sheath both edges of the party rules by engineering a compromise on Michigan, Florida and the super-delegates.

Friday Talking Points [19] -- A "Rare Uprising" Of Democrats

| Posted 02.15.2008 | Politics

It's been a busy week for Democrats, with a lot to cover. There has been good news and bad, but on the whole I'd have to judge the week a success for...

Democratic Electoral Shift In November?

| Posted 02.18.2008 | Politics

Professional pundits like conventional wisdom. It's comfortable for them to say what "everyone knows" with the voice of authority. But, seeing how o...

McCain / Rice ?

| Posted 02.20.2008 | Politics

Since Republicans have all but anointed John McCain as their presidential nominee, it's about time to start speculating on who he's going to choose to...

Friday Talking Points [20] -- Populism 101

| Posted 02.22.2008 | Politics

No awards this week A few quick thoughts this week before we get to the talking points. First, I will not be awarding the Most Impressive Democrat Of...

Debate Questions I'd Like To Ask

| Posted 02.25.2008 | Politics

Tomorrow night may be the last debate in the Democratic primary race. This will be the twentieth debate so far, which has to be some kind of record. ...

Where Will Iraq Be In November?

| Posted 02.27.2008 | Politics

While everyone else is having fun determining who "won" or "lost" the Democratic debate last night, I would like to revisit an important topic: Iraq. ...

Friday Talking Points [21] -- Bash Bush Edition

| Posted 02.29.2008 | Politics

Happy Leap Day! Because we are given an extra day this year, I would like to spend it in a good old fashioned Bush-bash. Maybe it's because everyone'...