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Entries by Chris Weigant from 03/2008

My Final (?) Primary Picks

| Posted 03.03.2008 | Politics

This could well be the last installment of my primary picks series of articles -- because both parties may wrap things up tomorrow. My guiding princi...

The Last Superdelegate

| Posted 03.05.2008 | Politics

The last superdelegate will be relieved when it's all over.

Friday Talking Points [22] -- Hillary Sweeps The Awards!

| Posted 03.07.2008 | Politics

A quick primary pick here, before we get on to the awards and the talking points. Wyoming will be holding its Democratic caucus tomorrow. This one is...

Which Dream Ticket?

| Posted 03.10.2008 | Politics

The only chance Hillary will have to stave off a complete fracturing of the Democratic Party's base is to offer a "dream ticket," with her name at the top.

In Defense Of Hookers

| Posted 03.11.2008 | Politics

It's impossible to describe the relationship between politicians, lobbyists, corporations, and campaign cash -- and have it come out sounding different than what a prostitute does for a living.

Friday Talking Points [23]

| Posted 03.14.2008 | Politics

As Robert Anton Wilson pointed out (or William S. Burroughs, if you prefer), hexagram 23 of the I Ching is "breaking apart." Anyone who subscribes to...

Edwards' Endorsement Of Clinton Imminent?

| Posted 03.17.2008 | Politics

Senator Edwards, how long is it going to take you to make up your mind? That creaking sound you hear is your window of opportunity, slowly sliding shut.

Race Is Not A Black And White Issue

| Posted 03.19.2008 | Politics

This campaign season isn't the last time race is going to be an issue in America. But the next conversations we have may come from a completely unexpected direction.

Friday Talking Points [24] -- Which Side Are You On?

| Posted 03.21.2008 | Politics

Like the hapless characters in Waiting For Godot, America sits and watches in fascination as the Democratic nomination race grinds into yet another ca...

3/19 Anti-War Rally Photos

| Posted 03.24.2008 | Politics

Last week, on the fifth anniversary of American military involvement in Iraq, anti-war rallies were held in various locations around the country. The...

Where Do Obama And Clinton Stand On China?

| Posted 03.26.2008 | Politics

In the near future, China will eclipse the Middle East and terrorism to be our number one foreign policy challenge. Yet neither Obama nor Clinton are calling for any real change in our China policy.

Friday Talking Points [25] -- Place Your Bets On The Democratic Race!

| Posted 03.28.2008 | Politics

We haven't done a contest here in a while, so I'm going to open the betting window today on the outcome of the Democratic race. To play, just post a ...

Campaign To Beat McCain

| Posted 03.31.2008 | Politics

Obama and Clinton should declare a one-week truce, roll out the best anti-McCain talk they can think up, and compete to see who is better at it.