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Entries by Chris Weigant from 10/2008

Electoral Math Looking Good For Obama

| Posted 10.01.2008 | Politics

Barack Obama has made some gains since last week, to put it mildly. While he hasn't wildly increased his Strong numbers, at least the trend is in the right direction.

Friday Talking Points [50] -- Can I Call You Joe?

| Posted 10.04.2008 | Politics

I refuse to get too wrapped up in the question of who "won" the debate. In general, unless one candidate obviously self-destructs, this question is answered subjectively and personally. That's not to say I didn't think Biden did better. I did.

You Don't Need A Weatherman To Know Which Way The Wind Blows

| Posted 10.06.2008 | Politics

Whatever you believe about Bill Ayers and the Weathermen, the fact remains that he is not running for president. But John McCain doesn't really have any other arrows left in his quiver.

Electoral Math -- Obama Landslide?

| Posted 10.08.2008 | Politics

I have to admit, that's a pretty provocative title. And enumerating the poultry before they emerge from the ova is always risky... as the saying goes.

Friday Talking Points [51] -- Some Positivity

| Posted 10.10.2008 | Politics

While we're all waiting for someone to leak the Palin Troopergate Report (which is reminiscent of waiting for "Fitzmas" during the whole Scooter Libby...

Exclusive Interview: Frank Prewitt, Author Of Last Bridge To Nowhere

| Posted 10.13.2008 | Politics

Prewitt: The book is my experience working as the confidential source who spent nearly four years helping the F.B.I. pry the lid open on the sordid world of political corruption in Alaska and Washington.

Electoral Math -- Obama Lead Insurmountable?

| Posted 10.15.2008 | Politics

It's going to be all but impossible to continue the "we're in a dead heat" nonsense if Barack Obama decisively wins Florida and Virginia when the East Coast returns come in.

Friday Talking Points [52] -- What A Long, Strange Trip It's Been

| Posted 10.17.2008 | Politics

I started blogging over two years ago. That is to say, right about the time the 2008 presidential campaign began. OK, that's a bit of an exaggeration...

"Video Your Vote" On PBS And YouTube

| Posted 10.20.2008 | Politics

if you spot (and record on video) something unusual at your polling place, you will have an easy way of uploading it to a place where journalists will have immediate access.

Electoral Math -- Obama Holds His Lead

| Posted 10.22.2008 | Politics

More and more, it is looking like Virginia will be the state that decides Election Night in Obama's favor. Sure, it could be Florida or Ohio, but my guess is that the vote-counting is going to take a while in both of them,

Friday Talking Points [53] -- Why McCain Is Losing, And Why Democrats Shouldn't Say So

| Posted 10.24.2008 | Politics

John McCain is losing the race for the White House. Now, this doesn't mean he has already lost it -- we've still got to go vote, after all. I'll cov...

Talking With The F.B.I.'s Undercover Source In Alaska's VECO Corruption Case

| Posted 10.27.2008 | Politics

Prewitt: "It's going to be a tight race, but Stevens could still win this thing. Stevens has been around so long, and we do have a very partisan situation up here in Alaska."

Electoral Math -- Obama Has Closed The Deal

| Posted 10.29.2008 | Politics

Welcome to the penultimate Electoral Math column. OK, I admit, I just like correctly using the word "penultimate." Plus, it's fun to say! Try it! If...

BOO!! Two Spine-Tingling Tales Of Terror

| Posted 10.31.2008 | Politics

[Today's Hallowe'en column is in two ghastly parts -- one frightful, fingernail-chewing tale for each side of the corpse-ridden and zombified politica...