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Entries by Chris Weigant from 01/2009

Friday Talking Points [59] -- New Year's Resolutions (For Democrats)

| Posted 01.02.2009 | Politics

Happy New Year 2009! Because I've always felt it is more amusing to make new year's resolutions that others should follow, today's Friday Talking Poin...

Burris, Race, Religion, And The Senate

| Posted 01.05.2009 | Politics

"I am now the junior senator from the state of Illinois. . . . Friends, we're going to have to have some powerful prayer. . . . They can't deny what t...

Pay-To-Play: Inauguration Tickets, Only $12,500 Each!

| Posted 01.07.2009 | Politics

This doesn't sound a whole lot like "change we can believe in." This sounds more like same-old-same-old cronyism and pay-to-play.

Friday Talking Points [60] -- Democratic Assertiveness Training

| Posted 01.09.2009 | Politics

What a week! With Congress back in session, with the excitement of newly-elected members being sworn in (or barred at the door, as the case may be), ...

Bush's Final Press Conference

| Posted 01.12.2009 | Politics

Lest I be accused of "Bush Derangement Syndrome," I'm reproducing some of the most interesting answers Bush gave today, with a minimum of snarky commentary.

Support John Conyers' Truth Commission

| Posted 01.14.2009 | Politics

Are you frustrated by all the "we need to look forward, not backward" language from Barack Obama and other Democratic leaders? Well, now you can do something about it.

Friday Talking Points [61] -- Pardon Me?

| Posted 01.16.2009 | Politics

"I am not a number. I am a free man!"-- Patrick McGoohan, "The Prisoner" What a strange week it was. In the waning days of President Bush's term in ...

Guest Column: Why Obama's Election Should Be Considered Historic

| Posted 01.19.2009 | Politics

[Note: This column is a repeat. I ran it last year, but unfortunately it was the day before Thanksgiving and I felt it didn't get the attention it de...

The Day Before The Big Day

| Posted 01.19.2009 | Politics

Just back from our dry run down on the Mall in Washington, D.C. The atmosphere is electric. The scene is one of thousands upon thousands of people a...

Twenty-One Howitzer Salute

| Posted 01.20.2009 | Politics

The crowd was cheering so loudly after Obama was sworn in that it was all but impossible to hear the cannon fire. That summed up the day, for me, more poignantly than anything else.

"I Was There!" -- My Experience Of The Inauguration Of President Obama [Parts 1 & 2]

| Posted 01.21.2009 | Politics

I definitely have no complaints about was "the crush of the crowd," because -- in our area alone -- it simply did not exist. In other words, we lucked out.

Friday Talking Points [62] -- Obama's Inaugural Speech

| Posted 01.23.2009 | Politics

This column really should have a subtitle to it: "Part 4 of Chris' Adventures At The Inauguration." I have been reporting my experiences of attending...

My Final Inaugural Report -- The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly

| Posted 01.26.2009 | Politics

"It was a the best of times, it was the worst of times." Too trite? How about: "We must pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off, and begin again the wo...

Courting Snowe And Collins To Defang Senate Republicans

| Posted 01.26.2009 | Politics

Snowe and Collins are going to be the key to getting some things done in the next two years. Which is why I call them the most important two Republicans in Washington.

And A Naughty Monkey Shall Lead Them: Upcoming RNC Palin Wardrobe Auction?

| Posted 01.28.2009 | Politics

Don't be too surprised if Palin memorabilia becomes a "Republican stimulus package," so to speak.

Friday Talking Points [63] -- Populist Rage?

| Posted 01.30.2009 | Politics

What is it with shoes this week? First we had the sale of Sarah Palin's "Double Dare" Naughty Monkey shoes on eBay. And now someone has erected a sta...