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Entries by Chris Weigant from 02/2009

Democrats Need to Frame the Stimulus Better

| Posted 02.02.2009 | Politics

President Obama has proposed a tax cut on payroll taxes. Republicans are against it, and even have taken to calling it "welfare." Excuse me? Welfare? Tax cuts are now welfare in Republicanland?

Demand An Up-Or-Down Vote

| Posted 02.04.2009 | Politics

Democrats are obviously having problems framing the issues in the ongoing debate about the stimulus package. The bill is now in the Senate, and Repub...

Friday Talking Points [64] -- Populist Rage!

| Posted 02.06.2009 | Politics

Truth be told, it's actually been kind of a "talking points week" for me this week. On Monday, I wrote about how the Democrats need to frame the stim...

Where Is Our $78 Billion?

| Posted 02.09.2009 | Politics

While Barack Obama is making all the news headlines today for (finally!) doing some cheerleading for his recovery package (as it wends its way through...

The New Deal Lesson Republicans Are Ignoring (At Their Peril)

| Posted 02.11.2009 | Politics

Barack Obama is our first post-baby-boom president. He was supposed to usher in a new era, where we wouldn't have to fight the social battles of the ...

Friday Talking Points [65] -- The Sausage Race

| Posted 02.13.2009 | Politics

About a week ago, White House press secretary Robert Gibbs got off a good line about the progress of the stimulus package: "The sausage race is the be...

The Failure Of Lincoln's Bipartisan Outreach

| Posted 02.16.2009 | Politics

Happy birthday, Abie baby,Happy birthday to you!Happy birthday, Abie baby,Happy birthday to you!-- "Abie Baby" from the musical "Hair" Since it's the ...

Democrats Should Just Say No To Budget Filibusters

| Posted 02.18.2009 | Politics

A little-known rule in the Senate may dramatically change the balance of power between the parties during the upcoming budgetary process.

Friday Talking Points [66] -- MSNBC's Faux Populist Rage

| Posted 02.20.2009 | Politics

We'll get to Rick Santelli, his CNBC rant, and the White House's reaction in a bit, I promise. But I've got to start with a rant of my own, over what...

Solving The Buffett Conundrum On Taxes

| Posted 02.23.2009 | Politics

Obama has leaked his first budget outline, and it appears he is serious about attempting to fix this tax policy travesty.

Return Of The Son Of The Great Communicator

| Posted 02.25.2009 | Politics

The "Great Communicator," for our younger readers who were not exposed to him, was what the media eventually decided to call President Ronald Reagan. ...

Friday Talking Points [67] -- Washington At Warp Speed

| Posted 02.27.2009 | Politics

We open today's column with a mental image -- a gigantic metal turtle-bot, inching its way along. Clomp, clomp, clomp... it moves forward so slowly y...