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Entries by Chris Weigant from 04/2009

Obama Declares Himself President-For-Life (No Fooling!)

| Posted 04.01.2009 | Politics

"I am ashamed at getting my stimulus bill passed so quickly. Republicans, those masters of bipartisanship, offered their sincere efforts to delay this bill for months and, I admit, I ignored them."

Friday Talking Points [72] -- The Unfairness Doctrine

| Posted 04.03.2009 | Politics

In the world of framing issues (or "political spin," if you prefer), there are a few cardinal rules. One of them is when you are trying to scare peop...

Is Cap-And-Trade Dead This Year?

| Posted 04.06.2009 | Politics

Democrats are all but admitting that they're killing off cap-and-trade for this year's legislative season. When the time comes, they will be blaming the Republicans, even though their own cowardice is the real culprit.

Obama Should Be Ashamed Only Two-Thirds Approve of Him

| Posted 04.08.2009 | Politics

People are weighing their own impressions of our new president with what the media is telling them to believe. For the most part, they are deciding that the media's take is wrong.

Friday Talking Points [73] -- "Good Grief!" Friday

| Posted 04.10.2009 | Politics

A bumpersticker seen in more liberal areas of the country reads: "Jesus save me from your followers." Now, that may not be a very "Christian" way to ...

Tea And Sympathy

| Posted 04.13.2009 | Politics

If the modern-day Tea Parties are smart, they would try to educate the public and hang their whole protest on the "anti-bailout" hook.

American Violet: A Powerful Movie about Race and the Drug War

| Posted 04.15.2009 | Politics

Without spoiling the ending, American Violet is an excellent movie, and tells the story in a moving and heart-wrenching fashion.

Friday Talking Points [74] -- Pirates And Torture

| Posted 04.17.2009 | Politics

Pirates are in the news these days. So is torture. What a strange set of sentences that is to begin an article about the twenty-first century world w...

A Modest Proposal For Simplifying The Tax Code

| Posted 04.20.2009 | Politics

President Obama called last week for simplifying the United States income tax code. This issue may be too big for even Obama to succeed at changing, ...

First 100 Days Retrospective: Ford, Carter, Reagan

| Posted 04.22.2009 | Politics

What is striking is how often the media gets it wrong when measuring up new presidents. Journalists should approach judging a president's first 100 days with some humility.

Obama's First 94 Days

| Posted 04.24.2009 | Politics

I admit, I am getting the jump on the rest of the media here, by writing my "First 100 Days" article six days early (some would say five days early, b...

Digging In To Obama's (And Republicans') Poll Numbers

| Posted 04.27.2009 | Politics

Barack Obama continues to ride a wave of public support as we approach the magic "100th day" of his presidency. Since I wrote about his 100 days (94 ...

Time Magazine Hacked, Proving Unreliability Of Online Polls

| Posted 04.29.2009 | Media

The folks responsible are overjoyed that their ballot-stuffing was so successful. They will tell you -- in full technical detail -- how they accomplished the feat.