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Entries by Chris Weigant from 07/2009

Obama Poll Watch (June 2009) -- Obama v. Clinton (Second Term)

| Posted 07.02.2009 | Politics

Obama's poll numbers have dropped this month -- a whopping one-and-a-half percentage points. Reports that the sky is falling may be overblown.

Friday Talking Points [84] -- The Rockets' Red Glare, The Bombs Bursting In Air

| Posted 07.03.2009 | Politics

What separates humans from animals can be summed up as one simple thing -- the mastery of fire. Even "using tools" doesn't cut it anymore, as apes ha...

Sarah Palin, Preparing to Run

| Posted 07.06.2009 | Politics

After reading Palin's interview in Runner's World, I doubt she'll be off the political stage anytime soon. A presidential campaign is a long race that requires a lot of endurance.

Obama and Bright Lines in the Sand

| Posted 07.08.2009 | Politics

Obama again refused to give a strong defense of the public option himself. By doing so, he just dug the hole deeper. What exactly does Obama stand for in the health care debate?

Friday Talking Points [85] -- Roll Up! See The Show!

| Posted 07.10.2009 | Politics

"Welcome back, my friends, to the show that never ends..." All week long, this line has been running through my head. It's from an Emerson, Lake, and...

Obama's "Drip, Drip, Drip..." Intelligence Problem

| Posted 07.13.2009 | Politics

Obama faces a steady drip, drip, drip of stories leaking and becoming public. Wiretapping stories, torture stories, and secret CIA covert stories were all in the news in the past week alone.

The JusticeBot 9000

| Posted 07.15.2009 | Politics

The JusticeBot 9000: You said you wanted a machine that took all the human factor out of the law, so that emotion and empathy would be forever banished from the bench.

Friday Talking Points [86] -- Obama Warms Up In The Bullpen

| Posted 07.17.2009 | Politics

Much to the dismay of just about everyone who breathlessly follows politics, the Senate hearings on the confirmation of Sonia Sotomayor turned out to ...

I'm Sick of Hearing About the Poor, Poor Millionaires

| Posted 07.20.2009 | Politics

Democrats have to get over their knee-jerk reaction to being labeled "tax and spenders" by their opposition. If higher taxes for millionaires are the way to pay for healthcare reform, then let everyone know it, and know why.

It's Time To Lead, Mr. President

| Posted 07.22.2009 | Politics

Obama's legislative style has been to vaguely define what he's for, introduce a plan that is quite obviously open to lots and lots of negotiation, and then sit back and let Congress work it out.

Friday Talking Points [87] -- A Tale Of Two Houses

| Posted 07.24.2009 | Politics

Simply for acting like a leader this week, Speaker Pelosi wins the Most Impressive Democrat Of The Week award hands-down.

Beer Metaphor Becomes Frosty-Cold Reality

| Posted 07.27.2009 | Politics

Barack Obama is the first president to not just accept the premise of the "having a beer" test, but to embrace it and turn it into reality.

Taxing Marijuana

| Posted 07.29.2009 | Politics

While it should not in any way be seen as inevitable, it now appears possible that California may soon legalize and tax marijuana, used for recreational purposes.

Friday Talking Points [88] -- Healthcare Reform Contest (Place Your Bets!)

| Posted 07.31.2009 | Politics

I thought about titling today's column "Sausage Making, Interrupted" in (dis-)honor of the House of Representatives scarpering off on a five-week vaca...