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Entries by Chris Weigant from 09/2009

Obama Poll Watch [August 2009] -- Obama's Base Support Erodes

| Posted 09.02.2009 | Politics

The news for Obama fans continues to be bad this month. There may be a faint glimmer of a spark of hope in the numbers -- but that's about all I can promise here, sorry about that.

Friday Talking Points [92] -- The End Of Silly Season

| Posted 09.04.2009 | Politics

Sadly, Obama's speech to school children has become mired in manufactured controversy from the right, with typical sky-is-falling rhetoric about the evil, evil man who occupies the Oval Office.

Taking Things Off the Table

| Posted 09.07.2009 | Politics

Obama absolutely loves the phrase "everything's on the table." But the time for piling "everything" on "the table" is over. Everything being on the table means that no decisions have been made.

Did Obama's Speech Change The Game?

| Posted 09.09.2009 | Politics

Stylistically, the speech was reminiscent of Obama on the campaign trail. But the bar for him is so high that this was only remarkable because it has been so absent of late from Obama.

Friday Talking Points [93] -- Lies, Lies And Propaganda

| Posted 09.11.2009 | Politics

Political discussions in America are fast becoming solely theological in nature.. Each side has their beliefs. Each has their tenets which they fervently defend. Much of this is done on faith.

Emerging GOP Theme: Nullification

| Posted 09.14.2009 | Politics

The code words change over time (from "nullification" to "states' rights" to Pawlenty's "state sovereignty"), but the idea is the same -- we retain the right to ignore any laws we don't feel like following.

Baucus' Bill Not Bipartisan, But Panmedia

| Posted 09.16.2009 | Politics

Baucus' was supposed to be the "bipartisan" bill, but the only way it can truly be referred to as such is in the growing bipartisan distaste for the bill.

Friday Talking Points [94] -- Two Years Of FTP

| Posted 09.18.2009 | Politics

How time flies. This column marks its second anniversary today, by the calendar if not the Volume number. For the second straight year, we only prod...

"Overexposed" Obama In Danger Of Rising Poll Numbers

| Posted 09.21.2009 | Media

Even if Obama has turned things around and starts posting approval numbers between 55 and 60, don't expect the media to realize that their entire "overexposed" story has been turned on its head.

The Forgotten War

| Posted 09.23.2009 | Politics

No so very long ago, Afghanistan was known as "the forgotten war." But these days, Afghanistan is hard to miss in the headlines. Obama needs to begin talking about our newly-forgotten war: Iraq.

Friday Talking Points [95] -- A Call To Action

| Posted 09.25.2009 | Politics

The progressives and Blue Dogs are going to have a showdown. It is going to culminate not in statements to the press (or the lack thereof), not in some whispered whip count, but rather in a very public vote.

Best Government Dollar Spent: The National Park System

| Posted 09.28.2009 | Politics

I encourage everyone, no matter what part of these United States you live in (or even if you live elsewhere), to take a "trip out West" at some point in your life. Get in a car, and go explore everything west of Denver.

Washington Post Looking for "America's Next Great Pundit" -- Could It Be You?

| Posted 09.30.2009 | Media

Newspapers seem to be clinging to blandness as a viable business model in an exciting new world of opinions available to their potential customers -- to their detriment. And then they wonder why they're failing.